iCloud vulnerability leading to naked celebrities photos leak, patched by Apple.

The Next Web:

Users on Twitter were able to use the tool from Github — which was published for two days before being shared to Hacker News — to access their own accounts before it seems Apple patched the hole today. The owner of the tool noticed it was patched at 3:20am PT.

Sad to see this happen to all involved, but really, it’s 2014 and people should know better. If you don’t want any of your intimacy leaked online for all to see, either don’t take the pictures, or at least don’t use an electronic device that can connect to the web in any way. THERE IS NO FOOLPROOF SYSTEM! Anything can be hacked eventually. Common sense people.

This kid has one awesome dad.

Geek Tyrant

Check out this amazing Boba Fett costume created by a dad for his six-year-old son. The costume is a replication of the Lego Boba Fett that was featured in the 9496 Desert Skiff LEGO set.

This kid has a very talented and loving father, who put a lot of effort and talent on this costume.

iPhone 5s continues reign as world’s best-selling smartphone.


For nine months straight, in any given quarter, no phone has sold more units than the iPhone. Or so says Counterpoint Technology Research Firm. That’s especially impressive when you consider that in our modern technology world, the iPhone 5s is now “old” and our attention has turned to the hotly-anticipated iPhone 6. And considering how many challengers have come along and threatened to dethrone the aging 5s, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s even more impressive.

So, the Next Big Thing was not that big then? Anyway, we all know Apple is doomed no matter what. Right?

Most World Cup teams used Mac-only software from Sportstec to improve game performance


Out of the 32 teams that qualified for the 2014 World Cup, 18 used Sportstec software for statistical analysis, in-game tracking, and more. Of the final four, Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands all employ Sportstec technology.

They don’t mention Germany, they are using some technology from another dimension apparently.

Trailer for EXODUS: Gods and Kings

Looks cool and it has a very good cast.

Senior Apple Maps engineer drives off to Uber


Uber, the car service that’s irritating taxi companies everywhere, has poached a senior Apple engineer who was a lead on Apple Maps.

There is a joke about Apple Maps here, but I’m not going to say it.

Smartphone Truths and Samsung’s Inevitable Decline

Ben Thompson, Stratechery

Ultimately, though, Samsung’s fundamental problem is that they have no software-based differentiation, which means in the long run all they can do is compete on price. Perhaps they should ask HP or Dell how that goes.

In fact, it turns out that smartphones really are just like PCs: it’s the hardware maker with its own operating system that is dominating profits, while everyone else eats themselves alive to the benefit of their software master.

Time will tell. The Dell reference is interesting, since Michael Dell famously said that Apple should shut down and return the money to its shareholders (or something to that effect), and now Dell is the one struggling. Will Samesung’s superiority complex and mocking of Apple customers in its ads come back to haunt them in the long run like Dell’s comments?

iPhone 5s is the Top Selling Smartphone Worldwide


If, this study is right, which is not certain because these companies never fully explain how certain they are about their numbers or how they get them, then I’m sure someone is right now writing a post about how this means Apple is doomed and Samesung is innovating. Apple can not win by selling just two (or three) models, not having an open operating system, not offering big, bigger and are you kidding me? screen sizes, blah blah blah.

Paradise Lost: Aerial Images of Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest


We are fucking up our planet with atrocious speed.

Inside App Extensions: Apple, Inc’s new Widgets & Keyboards similar to Android’s, but secure

Great article at 9to5 Mac, by Daniel Eran Dilger, explaining extensions in iOS 8.

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