Facebook updates iOS app to version 4.1.1

by Erick Diaz

What’s New in Version 4.1.1 [LINK]

In this release, we added some features and fixed some bugs so now:
– You can go offline in chat
– The right profile picture appears for everyone
– Your list of friends always includes all your friends
– In sets of photos, your name is displayed correctly
– Photos of people who like Facebook Pages load correctly
– Your friend-request notification only lights up if you have a request
– You can change your language to Czech, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Portuguese (Portugal) or Thai
– If you’ve got a new Retina iPad, you’ll see a crisp, high resolution interface

The one that’s most important to me, the right profile appears fro everyone. It’s been going on for a couple of months, where all the profile pictures were all screwed up. Oh, and for those who can, now you will see all the crappy photos and posts from your friends in gorgeous Retina Display.

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