iPad dominates the Tablet market, regains market share from Android.

by Erick Diaz


A steep drop in shipments of Android-based tablets offset a strong quarter from Apple and caused the media tablet market to miss projections for the first quarter of 2012 (1Q12), according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker. Total worldwide media tablet shipments for the quarter reached 17.4 million units in 1Q12, 1.2 million units below IDC’s projection for the quarter. While IDC predicted a sharp seasonal slowdown of -34% from the previous quarter’s record-breaking 28.2 million units, the actual decline was slightly steeper at -38.4%. The total still represents a robust year-over-year growth rate of 120%, up from 7.9 million units in the first quarter of 2011.

Apple shipped 11.8 million iPads during the quarter, down from 15.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011, and grew its worldwide share from 54.7% in 4Q11 to 68% in 1Q12. Amazon, which stormed into the market in 4Q11 to grab second place with 16.8% of the market on shipment of 4.8 million units, saw its share decline significantly in the first quarter to just over 4%, falling to third place as a result. Samsung took advantage of Amazon’s weakness to regain the number two position while Lenovo vaulted into the number four spot, followed by Barnes & Noble at number five.

Apple just keeps upsetting the analysts. None of them can understand how a more expensive product, with only one form factor can dominate in such a massive way. It’s simple, the user experience. Even the Kindle Fire, which has a great ecosystem of apps, music, video, tv shows, movies, etc, got pummeled. The integration of everything from beginning to end, it’s what keeps people in and gets more users each day. I could probably do the same stuff (or maybe even more) on another tablet, the thing is that for the most part, with the iPad, things are fool proof simple and don’t require me to go searching on Google to learn how to do stuff.

If you stop thinking like a geek, and try to think like someone who doesn’t understand (and has no time or intention to do so) how technical or technological products work, you get the broad market Apple is trying to target. Technology for the rest of us.

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