Samsung: Goal of Next Year – BEAT APPLE (By Copying?)

The Verge has some interesting statements and facts from the evidence to be used in court:

In February of 2010, an email suggests that Google had concerns that Samsung’s “P3″ tablet — the Galaxy Tab 10.1 — and requested design changes. “Google is demanding distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the P3.” Google went so far as to ask Samsung to make it “noticeably different starting with the front side.”

In May of 2010, after Google I/O, internal emails reveal that some of the iPhone-related comments from the developers in attendance were circulated within the company. “The GalaxyS [sic] looks very similar to iPhone.”

At Best Buy:

The most common pattern is that a customer returns the product which was purchased because the customer thought it was an Apple iPad2 [sic]

Two plus two is four, no matter who says so.

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