All Things D: In New Ad Campaign, Samsung Tries to Win on the Merits (Or on made up crap)

Besides the fact that the longer list in the Ad, contains some Samesung specific apps that have no merit in the comparison, there are other facts.

First, the majority of buyers couldn’t care less about those specs, let alone understand what they mean.

Second, the fact that they are selling that thing with an outdated OS (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) when another more current OS is available and some might get the update, some might not, depends on what the carrier wants. I bought my iPhone 4 with 4.0.1, I’m currently on 5.1.1, and on wednesday I’ll be on iOS 6. I know people who bought Androids with Ginger Bread and have been stuck there for the length of their contract. Isn’t it stupid that I can install Chrome on my iPhone and those people can’t, even having Androids?

Third, where are the services like iCloud where I can have all my apps, music, settings, etc., backed up and synced, in a one time set it and forget it kind of way? And I mean in just one service, not spread among Google, Samesung, and third party services.

See, you can have all the specs you want, the user experience is what I need. There are a thousand PCs that have better specs than my MacBook Pro 15” laptop I’m writing this on, but none have the ease of use and simplicity of my Mac. The frustration with Windows destroys the spec advantage for me. Same thing with the green robot.

If you want features on a checklist, you know where to go. If you want convenience, ease of use, and reliability, there is something for you too. And I didn’t even mention security, where Android is clearly “winning”.

All Things D: In New Ad Campaign, Samsung Tries to Win on the Merits (Or on made up crap)


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