Opera Ice: New browser for Android and iPhone coming February uses WebKit


The new Opera Ice browser will be based around hiding the technology as much as possible and embracing rich applications. It will ditch all buttons and instead use gestures to control key elements like forwards and backwards.


Apple Safari is 10 years old today


The first version of Safari was released as a public beta exactly ten years ago today. The app was designed by Apple to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer, which was the default Mac browser up to OS X 10.2.

Internet Explorer…thank goodness they changed that. Also, Google Chrome is based on WebKit, developed by Apple, so two of the four most used browsers are a result of Apple’s work.

Chrome for iOS updated to version 23.0.1271.96

No, that’s not Google’s IP Address, it’s the new version of Chrome for iOS devices with some minor fixes.

What’s New in Version 23.0.1271.96

Allow sound to play when app is backgrounded
Fix character encoding bug


Dear Chrome, Slow Your Roll

My Mac mini freezes if I open Chrome, to the point I have to manually shut the computer down. Chrome used to be better than anything else, but these days, even Firefox (with NoScript) is faster. And it doesn’t crash, or crash my computer.

Google, stop adding crap to Chrome and bring back the lean, mean browser you had a year ago.

Chrome for iOS updated with social and email sharing features, bugfixes and optimizations

You can now send pages to Facebook, Twitter, the iOS email app, and Google +. A very nice update, but I would still like a Reader-like feature, the way Safari does.

Chrome for iOS updated with social and email sharing features, bugfixes and optimizations

Mozilla releases Firefox 14.

Firefox Blog:

Firefox has new features that make browsing more secure and Web applications like games more powerful.

We automatically make your Google searches secure in Firefox to protect your data from potentially prying eyes, like network administrators when you use public or shared WiFi networks. Google is currently the only search engine that allows Firefox to make your searches private, but we look forward to supporting additional search engines with this feature in the future.

Also, it now properly supports Full Screen Mode on Lion.

Opening links in Chrome for iOS

Google is showing developers how to make links from their apps, open in Chrome for iOS as default.

Daring Fireball

I have Chrome on my iPhone and iPad and my friend can’t install it on his Android.

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Chrome on iOS, my opinion so far…

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Google announces Chrome for iPhone and iPad, available today

The only downside to this, it can’t be set as default.