Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 are being exploited in the wild in targeted attacks designed to trick the user into clicking a link which directs to a website serving malicious Flash (SWF) content. The exploit for CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 is designed to target Flash Player in Firefox.

Adobe recommends users apply the updates for their product installations.

Adobe Flash Player updated to version 11.3.300.257

With security and features updates:

  • Full screen keyboard input for Flash Player
  • Low latency audio support for streaming audio through NetStream
  • Low latency audio support for Sound API
  • Protected mode for Firefox (Windows Only)
  • Texture streaming
  • Background Updater for Mac
  • Bitmap.drawWithQuality
  • BitmapData.encode
  • ApplicationDomain.getQualifiedDefinitionNames()
  • Improved Apple MacOS App Store Support

If you use Google Chrome, you already ave the most recent version of Flash Player, if not, always go directly to Adobe’s site.

Apple releases Leopard Flashback Removal Security Update and Leopard Security Update 2012-003.

For those of you still using Leopard (10.5), Apple (really late) has released a Flashback Removal Tool. Also, they have released Leopard Security Update 2012-003, which disables versions of Adobe Flash Player that do not include the latest security updates and provides the option to get the current version from Adobe’s website.

Adobe releases update for Flash Player to address vulnerabilities.

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Time to de-Flash your site?


He believes the growing use of mobile devices that don’t like Flash will encourage many developers “to pull away” from gratuitous overuse of Flash elements in general. The most important thing is to think in terms of which development tools will provide the best customer experience, not what best fits your comfort zone as a developer, experts agree.

Yes please, de-Flash. Not even Adobe is going to support Flash on Android anymore, and everyone is moving to mobile, primarily or not.

Adobe Flash Player updates to version 11.2

Users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris are advised to update to the new Adobe Flash Player 11.2 for their respective platforms. Users of Adobe Flash Player for Android are advised to update to Flash Player

It patches two critical vulnerabilities and adds silent updates (like Chrome). [Download Version]

Adobe releases Flash Player update.

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Adobe and Google Partnering for Flash Player on Linux


Adobe has been working closely with Google to develop a single modern API for hosting plugins within the browser (one which could replace the current Netscape plugin API being used by the Flash Player).


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Update to Flash Player

Update to Flash Player

Adobe released Flash Player version Download it from Adobe, be careful if a site tells you the plugin needs an update, always go directly to the source.

Otro golpe a Flash Player, Chrome móvil no tiene soporte para Flash. UPDATE

Hoy, después de mucha espera por los usuarios de Android, que tenían que recurrir a navegadores de internet alternativos ya que es casi un consenso que el navegador que trae Android no es el mejor, Google lanzó Chrome Beta. La versión móvil de su popular aplicación, no tiene soporte para Flash Player.

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